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Due to the establishment of cost-effective, high-throughput technologies for the automated measurement of high-dimensional molecular data, bioinformatics has rapidly evolved to a new scientific discipline over the last two decades. Bioinformatics offers numerous tools for data analysis, data visualization, and data integration for diverse biomedical information.

Using statistical modeling of gene expression, methylation, and next-generation high-throughput sequencing data, bioinformatics makes it possible to connect and integrate different levels of molecular data. This information can be of utmost importance to support clinical decision making, i.e. in precision medicine approaches.

Given the unmet clinical need for bioinformatic tools that allow to dissect diverse biological levels, the aim of our core facility bioinformatics is to assist medical and physician scientist in unraveling the biological relevance of their large scale data. Most often the specific project require individual computational approaches or completely new tools. This requires a tight interaction with the wet lab and computational scientists.

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