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Our Service

The Core Facility Bioinformatics conduct standard analyses of transcriptomic, genomic, and proteomic datasets, using state-of-the-art methods and software, according to the rules of good scientific practice. Our services are provided by experienced scientists with a degree/doctoral title in Bioinformatics/Biostatistics or related areas.

For our tasks, we use extensively open-source languages and software, such as R and Bioconductor, together with Cytoscape (and its third-party apps). This allows to obtain a robust, comprehensive, optimal analysis of your data.

We offer our expertise and software for:

Our service ideally covers the entire process from project planning to publication, including:

Moreover, we can modify and extend existing analysis pipelines, so that they fit the specific requirements of your data.

We also offer expertise in development and implementation of new algorithmic solutions (methods, tools, software) for your projects, e.g. in R/Bioconductor packages (pcaExplorer, ideal, iSEE).

We are involved in teaching: we organize workshops on biostatistics, courses to learn how to perform analyses for high-throughput sequencing assays, or we teach courses for programming in R/with Bioconductor.

On top of our services, we provide a campus-wide license to Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA, Qiagen), which can be an extremely powerful tool for scientists to analyse their own data, accessing the vast knowledge base provided. The formal rules and the application form for our rental model can be downloaded (in german) here

Access to the BIUM services

We are an interdisciplinary platform to support all the scientists of the University Medical Center Mainz in the analysis of high-throughput sequencing experiments. Interfacing experimental scientist to Bioinformatics, we are an essential component of efficient translational projects.

Inquiry process

After the initial contact has been established, we will discuss the details of the project description. In times of high-workload, priority will be given on the basis of certain criteria (i.e. scientific quality, type of analysis, experimental design/conditions/number of replicates, free capacity)

Acknowledgements / Co-Authorship / Usage of Results

The Core Facility Bioinformatics is funded by the University Medical Center. As such, we provide basic analyses to all scientists at the UMC. We kindly ask you to acknowledge our service in all publications/posters or patents which are based on results generated by the work performed in the Core Facility Bioinformatics, and inform us about this.

Most projects will follow this standard procedure: all software and analysis pipelines developed by the BIUM in the scope of the project remain with us; all data and results will exclusively belong to the customer.

Access Fee

Currently, our services are offered free of charge. In the future, depending on the complexity of the analyses, the context of a formal collaboration or a consulting fee might apply.

Our core services are sponsored by a funding granted by the Dean's office. If you envision to require access to extensive bioinformatics analyses, please talk to us in advance, at best when the project is in the planning phase. We are also happy to support your grant application by contributing to the proposals, e.g. inserting appropriate data handling procedures or by specifying the steps after generating the primary experimental data.


All applications and contacts are treated confidentially.